Refund Policy
1.If cancellation is made within 24 hours, a refund can be requested, but it is subject to certain deductions.
2. Deductions include a Payment Gateway Fee of 5% and a Processing Fee of 10% of the paid amount.
3. The refund will be processed to the original payment mode only.
4. The turnaround time for the refund is 7-10 working days.
5. During peak times (holidays, special events, etc.), it can take longer than normal to process.
*Note:- If the reason is not valid, you will not be eligible for a refund.
Process for Refund Request
To request a refund, an individual must send an Email to from their registered email address with the
following details:
1. Full Name:
2. Registered Email ID:
3. Registration Date:
4. Valid reason for Refund:
5. Screenshot of payment with Date and Time:
(You must have received an email/message when you paid)
*Note:- refund requests will not be processed without the above-shared details.
Refund Cancellation Policy
Once a customer cancels their refund request, the claim cannot be re-opened or undone in the future.