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Aerospace Systems Design and Simulation

Applied Aerodynamics

Aerospace Structures

Aerospace Materials

Course Description

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) has various applications which help to provide solutions in the areas such as Aerodynamics (Fluid Analysis), Structure-Fluid Interface Analysis, Heat Transfer Analysis, etc. By learning this designers can ascertain that their products will follow a customer's specifications earlier in the configuration process, speeding up the product development procedure. Also, CFD is used in Meteorology, oceanography, astrophysics, oil refining, and architecture. As a development, CFD is rapidly evolving into a critical engineering design arena. Know to run your model using a CFD solver which will enable industries to examine failure, hence diminishing their expenditure on production. There is the potential of analyzing various annoyances whose experiments are complicated. Today, it is used by many industries in their expansion to explore, optimize and ascertain the performance of designs before costly prototype and physical tests.



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